A Day on Treasure Island As Captured on Film by Courtney Muro

Published on March 26, 2024

“The next best thing to renting a helicopter.” That’s how Courtney Muro, contributor for The Nudge, described what it’s like to take in the San Francisco skyline views from Treasure Island. The city’s newest waterfront neighborhood is in the midst of a visionary transformation, set to bring nearly 8,000 new residences, 300 acres of parks, and 22 miles of trails to the Bay Area.


Courtney Muro, also the owner of Muted Flamboyant Creative Agency, recently filmed her day on Treasure Island, from the eight-minute ferry ride she calls “maritime nostalgic” to taking in live music and great food at the island’s restaurants and bars. Watch the video below and read on for our Q&A with Courtney, where she tells us what was most surprising and memorable about her day on Treasure Island.

What inspired you to make the video? Why Treasure Island, why now?

I love telling stories and always look for fun things to do in and around San Francisco. Since not many people know everything that’s going on at Treasure Island, I thought it would be a cool story to tell. It’s super relevant for right now and also a throw back to its history from 100 years ago. We even dressed in that kind of old-timey, Art Deco style for the day. 


Tell us about your itinerary. How did you spend the day?

First, the ferry ride is very convenient. It was such a great experience, took only eight minutes and cost just $10 round trip. You get off right at The Gold Bar Distillery, but we headed over to Mersea first to eat. The food and the laid-back vibe were amazing. You can have breakfast, then transition straight to live music that starts at noon. And with the new Golden Hour Bar, you can truly stay all day. 

Then, we went to the Gold Bar Distillery, where we chatted with the team about the history of the island and tasted straight from the barrel. The cocktail flights were so much fun and so delicious. There is also a full kitchen with great food.


What surprised you most about your visit to the Island?

I hadn’t taken the ferry ride from Downtown San Francisco to Treasure Island yet. It was such a cute little ferry, small and quaint, not a huge cruise ship. The Gold Bar also surprised me because it has this amazing retro vibe that honors the 49ers and Pan Am history. 

Then, Mersea is this little bohemian enclave in the middle of the island, and I can see it being the Treasure Island anchor. When you’re there, you can picture the future of the promenade. It feels like you’re getting an early glimpse of what’s to come. 


What were some of your favorite moments in filming?

The views. The views are incredible, and you can see them from everywhere on the island. While we were there, a bunch of hot rod cars drove by, creating this really fun atmosphere. There’s just so much going on and while there is this old-timey feel, there are these moments of discovery with so many new things happening. It was just so nice to see everything happen live in the moment. 


What would you tell people who haven’t been to Treasure Island ever or since the redevelopment began?

Treasure Island just feels different than anything else in San Francisco. It has a history that dates back further than most places and offers a totally different vantage point. You can see the city skyline, the Bay and the Ferris Wheel from a perfect angle. You truly can’t get this anywhere else in the city. Really, it’s the next best thing to renting a helicopter. 


Plan your visit to Treasure Island and see all that’s happening at TISF.com. Call the island home by exploring the nearly 1,000 residences set to be move-in ready over the next year. Stay connected by signing up for the Treasure Island newsletter here.

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