Bay Area’s First Padel and Pickleball Club Opens on Treasure Island

Published on December 1, 2023

With the recent opening of Bay Padel, the Bay Area’s newfound love for the sport of padel is in full swing.

Life on Treasure Island has recently seen a new dimension added to its blended sense of fun and fitness. Bay Padel has officially opened on the island, making it the Bay Area’s first padel and pickleball club.

Temporarily housed in Hangar 3, a 60,000-square-foot former airplane hangar that saw second life as a sound stage for films ranging from The Matrix to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the new club will be joining other island businesses in a new, permanent space within Treasure Island’s coming retail district.

Like many other island businesses, Bay Padel is using Treasure Island’s existing infrastructure to launch ahead of the master-planned neighborhood that’s set to take shape. For now, the new athletic club is bringing padel to Bay Area locals before, as many believe, padel catches on to rival its fellow racket sport of pickleball.

Rendering courtesy of Bay Padel

Bay Padel features four indoor padel courts and two outdoor ones, along with four pickleball courts. There is so much more to the club, though, as it also offers lounges, a gym, a pro shop, and even a coworking space and an art gallery. A restaurant is currently underway, rounding out the fascinating mix that makes up the substantial and dynamic space.

While pickleball has made headlines across the country with its sharp rise in popularity these last two years, padel has its own story of a surge, according to The San Francisco Chronicle, with the number of padel clubs in the United States doubling this past year from 35 to ~70. 

Padel may not be the new big thing in the United States yet, but it’s been a beloved sport elsewhere for years. It debuted in Mexico decades ago, and its popularity swept through Europe and South America, where Bay Padel’s entrepreneurial founders hail from. The club’s Argentine founders, Matias Gandulfo and Lucas Tepman, grew up playing the sport every weekend with their families.

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