Discover Treasure Island’s Blend of Natural Splendor and City Vibes

Published on January 25, 2024

Experience serenity just minutes from the vibrancy of San Francisco’s downtown.

In the sparkling expanse of San Francisco Bay, Treasure Island welcomes everyone to explore the natural world.

Panoramic views define Treasure Island and the scenic journey to it — from the San Francisco skyline to the Marin Headlands, from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge, from Alcatraz Island to Angel Island. Only minutes away from the mainland, locals and visitors alike can spend the day traversing Treasure Island’s green spaces and shores.

Parks, trails, and beaches make up most of the island community — with much, much more to come. Once completed, Treasure Island will feature 300 acres of open space, 22 miles of walking and hiking trails, and 14 miles of biking paths. Designed to stand as an exemplar of urban development — not only prepared for the challenges of climate change but also leading the way in creating a resilient, balanced future — a respect for nature and a dedication to sustainability are embedded into the island’s DNA.

By strategically dedicating 50% of Treasure Island and 75% of Yerba Buena Island to nature, thoughtfully creating public parks and protected open space for a majority of the islands’ total acreage, Treasure Island Community Development has reimagined what a neighborhood could be if it were to exist in harmony with the environment. 

Such an appreciation for nature’s stillness, especially so near downtown’s frenetic movement, ensures that an interactive connection to the natural world is a vital part of everyday life, facilitating a neighborhood that mindfully serves its residents’ well-being while making a great park system for everyone in the Bay Area.

In the midst of a profound transformation — Causeway Park, Infinity Point Park, Signal Park, and Waterfront Park set to open this year — Treasure Island is already a popular destination for today’s nature enthusiasts. Offering a diverse range of nature’s charm, from tide pools to groves of California buckeyes and coast live oak, from colorful wood roses to plenty of maidenhair ferns, from soaring red-tailed hawks to curious harbor seals, Treasure Island is an oasis that’s part of the city, yet peacefully apart.

To be able to dig your toes into the sand of Clipper Cove Beach and watch birds flying languidly over the marina, boats gently rocking beneath them, and then be back within the vibrancy of San Francisco’s downtown within minutes is truly the best of both worlds — the beauty of nature and the thrill of city life, together, here.

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