First Year of Ferry Lights to Inspire New Holiday Traditions on Treasure Island

Published on December 15, 2023


With its inaugural season of holiday lights, the San Francisco Ferry is a reminder that Treasure Island is the perfect place for new traditions.

A shimmering spectacle is lighting up the San Francisco Bay this month, illuminating its waters with holiday splendor. The iconic San Francisco Ferry has undergone a festive transformation, donning colorful lights for the holiday season, twinkling as it moves beneath the iconic skyline to and from Treasure Island. As the ferry glides through the Bay, this new tradition brings with it a sense of cheer and warmth — and it’s a welcomed reminder that there are so many opportunities for new traditions to come on the island.

Embracing the spirit of the season, Treasure Island residents and fellow San Franciscans have the opportunity to infuse their own festivities with a charming sense of tradition and local fun. With so many new offerings soon to be found on the island, newly minted traditions can be discovered and established throughout the year. They don’t necessarily have to stick to holiday frivolity, but there are many ways to make Treasure Island’s merry season a little more fun with each passing year.

Consider an annual paddle-board session on the gentle and serene waters off Clipper Cove, exploring the island coastline with friends or family. For those with a competitive spirit, organize a friendly holiday tournament of padel or pickleball at Bay Padel, the Bay Area’s first club of its kind, offering athletic camaraderie with your choice of indoor or outdoor courts. Decide on a fun prize for the tournament’s winner, or choose a delicious island eatery or lively island drinkery for the last-place player to pick up the post-tournament check.

The island’s restaurants and bars invite their own traditions to be sure. Mersea provides the perfect setting for a festive annual dinner, where culinary delights and panoramic views converge to create a memorable holiday experience. Gold Bar beckons a group of friends to catch up while in town for the holidays with its enticing whiskey flights, welcoming connoisseurs and novices alike to savor the rich flavors of carefully curated spirits.


Gold Bar

Amidst the hustle and bustle, especially with the holidays, Treasure Island also offers a respite for those seeking a moment of peace, comfort, and joy within nature. Whether it be a quiet stroll along a favorite island trail between bursts of holiday shopping or an end-of-the-year park picnic to catch a captivating sunset and watch the skyline come aglow, finding solace within the natural beauty that surrounds Treasure Island’s urban oasis can become a cherished part of one’s holiday traditions.

As the San Francisco Ferry glides across the Bay this season, adorned in its colorful holiday lights, we welcome new traditions on Treasure Island, inviting everyone to weave in unforgettable moments as part of how they spend the most wonderful time of the year.

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