Treasure Island’s Transformation Featured on CBS News

Published on February 13, 2024

Journalist Kenny Choi explores the ecological innovation of San Francisco’s evolving Treasure Island neighborhood.

In a recent article and video report by Kenny Choi, CBS News shines a spotlight on Treasure Island’s visionary transformation, guided by Treasure Island Community Development’s emphasis on ecological infrastructure.

Through interviews with figures like MeeSun Boice, co-founder of the restaurant Mersea, and Kevin Conger of CMG Landscape Architecture, Choi highlights the island’s commitment to sustainability through innovative reuse of materials and eco-friendly designs. 

As San Francisco’s newest waterfront neighborhood unfolds, respect for nature will remain a core principle of the redevelopment. Even with new restaurants, new attractions, and 8,000 new homes coming (~1,000 of which will arrive this year), the team behind Treasure Island has ensured that 50% of Treasure Island and 75% of Yerba Buena Island will be dedicated to parks, trails, and open space, ensuring that an interactive connection to the natural world is a vital part of everyday life.

Watch the CBS News coverage here for rich, local insight into Treasure Island’s evolution as a beacon of hope for a greener, more vibrant future.

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